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SpatialStream™ Solution Set: Multiple Listing Services

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are challenged with providing data and technology to help brokers and agents best serve their customers. Because in real estate, location is everything, mapping and geo-data are now considered requisite technologies. The SpatialStream™ MLS Solution Set comprises a host of mapping and data solutions to provide a turn-key solution for MLSs to spatially enable their organizations, members, and consumer facing sites.

With the SpatialStream™ development platform MLSs can integrate advanced mapping technology and location data in to their existing applications to provide their members and consumers with cutting edge solutions to better visualize listings data and analyze market trends. Plus, integration through SpatialStream™ web services is simple and easy, and you're relieved of data maintenance and update tasks. All of this equates to spatial technology that's easy to implement and use.

Add zip code boundaries to your mapping application and create thematic maps
Create dynamic trend maps with postal code boundaries. Average home selling price shown above by zip code.

  Key Features:

  • Specific to the unique needs of Multiple Listing Services
  • Comprehensive mapping development platform - bundles data and display features
  • High performance, reliable back-end spatial infrastructure with minimum 99.9% uptime
  • Doesn't require extensive GIS expertise
  • Access through easy to integrate web services
  • No data hosting, maintenance or updates required on your end
  • All web services optimized for high performance over the web

Location Data for Multiple Listing Services

Data is a key component to any location-based application. But acquiring good data and then implementing and maintaining it is easier said than done. The SpatialStream™ MLS Solution Set aims to remove data acquisition, integration, and maintenance obstacles for geo-developers by providing access to premium data sets through the SpatialStream™ platform. Integrate national geospatial data sets such as parcel, neighborhood, and municipal boundaries in mere minutes and with minimal code. Learn More >>

Load and Maintain Custom Data in MLS Applications

Multiple Listing Services possess significant data assets such as listings data, custom area boundaries, and member hyperlocal knowledge. It's critical to spatially enable and display this custom data along with standard geospatial data sets in one common mapping application. SpatialStream™ provides components to help you make your data available for map display and automate data updates so it stays current in your mapping application. For MLSs SpatialStream™ has a RETS Data Loader to spatially enable your listings and Data Synchronization tools to automatically update your custom data feeds according to your chosen update timeframe (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly). Learn More >>

Improving Location Accuracy for MLSs

When it comes to listings data, accuracy is everything, particularly when they're displayed on maps and MLSs go to great lengths to improve the accuracy of their listings. SpatialStream™ provides you with components to correct the geo-location of data (such as a listing) and then use that corrected location for all spatial queries, map displays, and future geo-referencing. Address Management through SpatialStream™ will help you improve the accuracy of your MLS data. Learn More >>

Creating & Displaying Stats and Trends Spatially

The pace of change in real estate is moving faster than ever, and the amount of information available in the consumer real estate market is staggering. To keep up, MLSs need to incorporate stats and trends data into their sites and arm their members with tools to provide them with the latest market knowledge. Through SpatialStream™ MLSs can create interactive stats and trends maps to enhance the value of their real estate data and help their users more easily explore, understand, and communicate real estate trends and local market dynamics. Learn More >>

Advanced Analytics for Real Estate

In an era of information over-load, new tools are required to make sense of all this data and quickly extract key insights and identify trends. SpatialStream™ lets MLSs easily add advanced analytical and data visualization tools to their application. Heat maps and animated trend maps are some of the latest spatial technologies to make large data sets manageable and easily analyzed. All of the advanced analytics tools from SpatialStream™ are compatible with your data and can be customized by you to suit your unique data visualization needs. Learn More >>

Reliable and current geodata and map-based analytical tools are the new expectation for today's real estate industry. Click on the links below to learn more about how SpatialStream™ can help you add value to your real estate applications with location technologies.

More Information:

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